2802 Sketching: Putting the “Fun” in Fundamentals

Around a month ago, I was able to hang out with the very talented Mek Yambao, who (in addition to being an extraordinary artist) is one of the co-founders of 2802 Sketching. Along with animator-photographer Icon De Jesus, they’ve put together one of the most consistent and interesting craft-oriented events we’ve seen yet. Offering both reliability (it’s held every few months) and variation (thus far, they’ve covered ballet, flying yoga, and belly dancing, to name a few), Sketch 2802 is a gem in Metro Manila where most substantial craft-centered experiences are either few and far-between or else cost the equivalent of 3 units in University (*ahem museum situated somewhere in the central business district of a certain central city*). If you’re interested in art (whether digital or traditional), check this out!

How It Began

2802 Sketching, formerly The Sketching Sessions began in 2012 as a means of encouraging people to practice drawing fundamentals in an environment that was fun, encouraging and challenging. Mek says that they wanted somewhere where both beginners and more advanced artists could have a good time while progressing craft-wise. Back in 2012, they started with a couple of friends–now, 2 years later the entire endeavor has turned into a full-bown event catering to more than 20 people per session.

Where It’s Held & How It Works

Typically, the 2802 Sketching sessions are held at the Ritz Tower in Makati. Lately, however, they’ve been trying to up the ante by taking it elsewhere–the last event, which was playfully entitled Sketchquila, was held in QC at the Mariachi Cantina Mexicana on Sgt. Esguerra Avenue.

The door charge to participate is P200, and each session features a different theme or model. There are a variety of poses–the event begins with a warm-up of 15-second poses which gradually become full-blown, 15-minute poses.

What Mediums Are Allowed

All mediums–so long as they are bring-able–are allowed, whether digital, traditional or out-of-this-world.

2802 Sketching: Episode 16

The next bout of 2802 sketching is happening this Saturday, October 18th at 3:00 PM. The venue will be at the Penthouse A, the Ritz Tower, Ayala Avenue, Makati City (right in front of Glorietta 3). Click here to head to the Facebook event page.

2802 Sketching last August 30th, featuring model Lexi Ingram.

2802 Sketching last August 30th, featuring model Lexi Ingram


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